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101.  Humanities & Philosophy
The Department of Humanities and Philosophy serves the needs of approximately 2,300 students per semester. In addition to offering a well respected...
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102.  Philosophy
Up to the English Server! Philosophy. This collection contains canonical philosophic texts and links to scholarly philosophic organizations. The...
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103.  institute on religion in an age of science
a non-denominational, independent society working for a dynamic and positive relationship between science and religion since 1954
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104.  hofstra university - online pride
hofstra university is the largestprivate university on long island, new york. hofstra has schools of:liberal arts and sciences, business, law, communication, new college,university studies, and continuing education
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105.  atheists for jesus
designed to provide a method of communication between religious and non-religious people who believe in the message of jesus
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106.  bland, k.p.: the artless jew: medieval and modern affirmations and denials of the visual.
description of the book the artless jew: medieval and modern affirmations and denials of the visual by bland, k.p., published by princeton university pres
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107.  the impact of islam on science and philosophy in the renaissance - welcome !
islam and muslim impact on renaissance science and philosoph
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108.  hassan, salah m.
the edwin mellen press is an international publisher of scholarly research
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109.  wabil
world ahlul bayt islamic league is an international socio-religious charitable organisation with offices in eighty countries across five continent
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110.  imam, an encarta encyclopedia article titled "imam"
imam , in general usage in islam, the political head of the muslim community or the person who leads prayer services. the prophet muhammad and his early successors performed both functions. later
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