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111.  university of healing - home page - healing, god, metaphysics, sp
live in your eternally perfect body, learn how. within everyone is their perfect body, their perfect mind and their perfect balance. since 1975, the correspondence courses of the university of healing have effectively revealed to students around the worl
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112.  education bibliography
education bibliography by roger garin-michau
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113.  a masterpiece, internet hotspot
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114.  buddha's village: tibetan mahayana buddhism and a place for buddhist friends to meet
buddhist teachings, photo gallery, federation for preservation of mahayana tradition centre addresses and programs worldwide, vajrayana institute sydney newsletter, on-line bb
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115.  dhammapada
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116.  allah, an encarta encyclopedia article titled "allah"
allah , islamic name for the supreme being. the qur'an (koran), the holy book of islam, asserts that allah is the creator and the one who rewards and punishes; that he is unique and can only be one; an
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