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81.  Ron Barnette's Valdosta Philosophy Resources
Welcome to the Valdosta Home Page of. Philosophy Resources. The Virtual Library. Voice of the Shuttle Philosophers' Works (UCSB) Tom Stone's...
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82.  Department of Philosophy, University of Florida
Departmental Information. Faculty List. Local Events. Recent Speakers. Prospective Graduate Students. Academic Information. Graduate Studies....
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83.  Science & Philosophy Books
Books about how science supports philosophy...
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84.  Doctor of Philosophy (Research)
1999/2000. CONTENTS. About Doctor of Philosophy (research)Mode and Duration Application proceduers and Closing Dates Entrance Requirements Contact...
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85.  British Society for the Philosophy of Science
The British Society for the Philosophy of Science. Benefits of membership. Philosophy of Science Events BSPS and other meetings. The British Journal...
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86.  British Philosophy
American | British | Canadian | German | Used & Rare | Book Series | General British Texts. Analytic Texts. Bacon Texts. Berkeley Texts. Hume Texts....
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87.  Philosophy and Theology
Primary Texts. Aristotle. Aristotle's Works (Directory) (Virginia Tech.) Aristotle's Works at The Tech Archive (MIT) Aristotle, Metaphysics (Trans....
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88.  Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
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89.  W&M Philosophy Home Page
Return to W&M Home Page. Last Updated on July 18, 2000 by Lawrence C. Becker. ...
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90.  Political Philosophy
Political Philosophy. Welcome to the Political Philosophy home page! This site will provide you with links of interest to students of political...
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