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31.  Islamic Society of Middlebury College
This is a homepage of the Islamic Society of Middlebury College, Vermont. We are a student organization established to create a conducive environment...
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32.  The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
WWW-VL. SOAS | CIMEL Home | About the Centre | Lectures | Books | Materials 1 | Studying Islamic Law. Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Materials on the...
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33.  Dow Jones Islamic Market Index - Home
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34.  The Islamic Ring
Welcome to the Islamic Ring. The Islamic Ring was started on Oct 1, 1996. The Islamic Ring Web Sites are linked together in a circular fashion. The...
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35.  Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa
Welcome. Click the Logo to enter. ...
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36.  Courses - Arab & Islamic Studies
Log on Liberal Arts & Sciences. Courses. Degrees/Minors/Concentrations. Departments/ Programs. Enchridion. Forms. History & Objectives. Library -...
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37.  Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran - The Official Site
Sorry, Your Browser does not support Java. Please use from normal links in end of this page. President-oil. President says minimum reliance on oil...
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38.  Thamer's Islamic Links
In the name of Allah, The Merciful, the Compassionate. "The Religion before God is Islam (submission to His Will). Nor did the People of the Book...
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39.  Islamic Center Japaan Introduction
Islamic Center - Japan. last updated on June 29, 2000. To Japanese front page. Appeal as of March 28, '00. Appeal for Help in Research as of March...
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40.  Islamic Screensavers
Free downloadable Islamic Screensavers...
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