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1.  Course Information - POL369
POL369 - Europe and Islam. Introduction. The Pol369 reading list is available, in full, online and includes information about assessment as well as...
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2.  Search Europe > Religion And Spirituality > Islam
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3.  Obstacles to Bridge-building: Europe and Islam
Obstacles to Bridge-building: Europe and Islam. The seminar held at the Institute of Islamic Understanding, Malaysia (IKIM) on the theme of "Europe...
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4.  If You Like this Book: Rethinking World History : Essays on Europe, Islam, and
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5.  End of Europe's Middle Ages - Islam
The End of Europe's Middle Ages. Islam. A monotheistic religion founded by the Prophet Mohammed (c.570-632 A.D.), Islam has as its basic tenet of...
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6.  Jan Rath book on Europe and its Islam
Jan Rath book on Europe and its Islam...
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7.  Islam for Children
This is a site about Islam for children. It is educational for children aged 7-12....
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8.  Celebrations In Islam
Home | About Islam | About Us | Mailing List | Publications | Bookstore. Questions | The first day of fasting in Ramadan is December 8, 1999. -->...
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9.  The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
The aim of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement is to propagate the religion of Islam from the Holy Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace...
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10.  Homepage of Shafiqul Islam, Andense, NORWAY
SHAFIQUL ISLAM. Specialist in General Medicine Member of the Swedish Society of Medicine Kommunelege II Andenes Helsesenter 8480 Andenes. NORWAY....
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