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111.  The Curling History Page
WELCOME TO. "The Archive of the Roaring Game" Featuring a century of curling champions! CURATOR: Dale R. Patterson CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Dave Thomas...
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112.  Mathematics Across the Curriculum: History and Background
Search | Home | History | Funding | Disciplines | Gateway | Resources | Center | Reform] History and Background of the Project. In the Fall of 1993,...
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113.  History of ARPANET
Contents. History of ARPANET. Behind the Net - The untold history of the ARPANET. Or - The "Open" History of the ARPANET/Internet. By Michael Hauben. ...
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114.  Welcome to the Center of Military History
U.S. Army & Army Reserve Recruiting. A View of Our Past . . . BUNKER HILL, 17 JUNE 1775 Charles McBarron. (Past Images are archived for continued...
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115.  a chronology of muslim history
a chronology of muslim history in five parts (570-1950 ce), and separate chronologies on andalusia and india
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116.  history - the muslim invasions
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117.  prophet in the marketplace
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118.  rya sailing courses, activity holidays, environmental studies, outdoor education, isle of wight
medina valley centre, isle of wight - an outdoor education and activity holidays centre for rya sailing courses, environmental and field studies for schools and college
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119.  aidid, mohammad farrah, an encarta encyclopedia article titled "aidid, mohammad farrah"
aidid, mohammad farrah (1934-1996), clan warlord who competed for power in somalia during the 1990s. aidid was born in the colony of italian somaliland. when muhammad siad barre seized power in somalia in 1969, aidi
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120.  prayers for rain
home to the cure - prayers for rain, a site devoted to the cure, but also home to several other hosted websites including wet-works electrozine, the adventures of exploding boy, thistlemoon, piggy on the needle, and digital web fx. you won't be disappoin
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