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161.  cincinnati catholic genealogy and history
a guide to catholic historical and genealogical research in cincinnati and hamilton county, ohi
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162.  arab golden age and education
arab golden age and education, regional, history. your source for daily news about the arabic world
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163.  words & deeds in american history
in honor of the manuscript division's centennial, its staff has selected for online display approximately ninety representative documents spanning from the fifteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. included are the papers of presidents, cabinet min
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164.  afro-american studies - uw madison
afro-american studies dept. univ. wisconsin - madiso
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165.  sana syrian arab news agency
this web site contains news about syria and middel east and dialy life
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166.  ----
welcome to arab culture, your resource for the arts, news, sports, reference materials, and more. check out our pages on: arabic language, archaeology, art, articles, business, computers, dance, ecology, fairouz, film, food, government, politics, history
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167.   syrian arab news agency
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168.  muslim scientists and islamic civilization
muslim contribution to science, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy in the middle ages. ninety articles and over thirty biographies including averroes, avicenna, avenzoar, geber, alhazen, rhazes, albucasis, al-pharabius, albategnius, alboacen. arab and
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169.  guilds of st. michael - north/south
guilds of st. michael - north/sout
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