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51.  The Maritime History Virtual Archives
The Maritime History Virtual Archives. What's New. Minor changes and additions will not be listed here. Biblioteca Nautica, Bibliographies and...
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52.  African History on the Internet
An annotated guide to internet resources on Africa....
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53.  ArabNet -- Egypt, History
Pre-dynastic history. The Early Dynastic or Archaeic Period (3100-2686BC) The Old Kingdom (2686-2181BC) The First Intermediate Period (2181-2050BC)...
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54.  History Today
History Discussion Group...
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55.  The History of Turkish Jews
Welcome | News | Travel | Gallery | Gateway. Mersina. Turkish Jews. The History. The Struma Tragedy. Jewish History in Anatolia. Foreword. A History...
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56.  History of the Liturgy
Various historical topics on the liturgy...
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57.  Essays in History -- University of Virginia
Essays in History. Essays in History, the annual journal sponsored by the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia, is now in its...
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58.  MathPages: History of Mathematics
History of Mathematics. Zeno's Paradox of Motion Archimedes and the Square Root of 3 Bertleson's Number Euclid's Plan and Proposition 6 Legendre's...
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59.  History of Mathematics Home Page
Every culture on earth has developed some mathematics. In some cases, this mathematics has spread from one culture to another. Now there is one...
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60.  NASA History Home Page
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Policy and Plans. History Office. New History Home Page: Check out our reorganized home page...
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