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1.  The Future of Islam and the West -- Clash of Civilizations or Peaceful Coexist
Examines the relations between Islam and the West, paying particular attention to the various schools of Islamic political thought and the Islamic...
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2.  Comments for Islam and the West
Comments. on Islam and the West (made possible by Loquacious) There have been no comments so far on this page. admin page. ...
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3.  JI: Isharat from Tarjumaan: Islam and the West: Middle East Peace Talks
Fall of Gharnata. The Madrid Conference. West and Islam. Design behind Agreement. Israeli Terrorism. Scenario during Talks. The Vested Interests. The...
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4.  Islam and the West by Bernard Lewis
Islam and the West by Bernard Lewis. Book review by Ross Mullin. In this collection of essays, problems start with its title, Islam and the West:...
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5.  Insight v12i01 May 1997: Islam and the West - Confrontation, Comprehension and
IFEW Home] [Insight Home] [Islam and the West Home] May 1997 Muharram 1418 AH. Vol 12 Issue 1 Number 33. ISLAM and the WEST. Confrontation,...
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6.  WAAC: Islam and the West: Rethinking the Parallels
French. German. Italian. Portuguese. Spanish. Powered by SYSTRAN. (questions & feedback) News - Culture/Business - Documents - Articles - Demography...
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7.  Islam and the West, by Bernard Lewis
Islam and the West. by Bernard Lewis. Oxford University Press (paperback), Copyright 1993, mpp. 217. List: $12.95, AET: $9.95. In this collection of...
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8.  Islam and the West's Exploration of Sudan
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9.  A. Political Islam and the West
A. Political Islam and the West. 1) Living Islam: The Last Crusade. vol. 6. Videocassette. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc., New York and BBC...
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10.  Why The West Fears Islam: The Enemy Within
Released: January 26, 1996 -- Revised: March 20, 1997 The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202 Website: -- Press...
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