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51.  Georgia Islamic Institute of Religious & Social Sciences
Georgia Islamic Institute of Religious & Social Sciences. P.O.Box 93157 Atlanta, GA. 30377-3157, USA. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most...
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52.  Islam vs. the West
Islam vs. the West. by Robert W. Tracinski Editor, THE INTELLECTUAL ACTIVIST Reprinted from the November, 1998, issue, Volume 12, No.11. Reproduced...
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53.  Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
1d. Israel Must Be Fought by Waging Jihad (Holy War) Section Index: Call to Fight Israel. Impending Victory of Islam and the Arabs Over Israel and...
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54.  The Roots of Muslim Rage - 90.09
Why so many Muslims deeply resent the West, and why their bitterness will not easily be mollified...
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55.  The Message: Articles
Several new articles on Al-Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) Hajj. Editorial: Journey of a Lifetime. Walking in Abraham's Footsteps. Journey of a...
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Now Available! Islam and the West: A Dialog. edited by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad and Ahmed Yousef. In this remarkable book, ten round table discussions in...
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57.  Islam and the West: Hostage to History?
DRAFT: 12.25.97. ISLAM AND THE WEST: HOSTAGE TO HISTORY?1. By Majid Tehranian. Algeria is the open port of entry to a barbaric continent with two...
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58.  For A Change -- Islam and the West
Michael Smith encounters the Western face of Islam--and meets British Muslims who are fighting back against Islamophobia. There was an outcry in the...
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59.  FCO - 'Islam and the West'
ISLAM AND THE WEST' Speech by HRH The Prince of Wales, at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on the occasion of his visit to the Oxford Centre for...
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60.  Islam And The West - A Dialog
Building Bridges Across A Great Divide. Home | Middle East Affairs Journal | Publications | Muslim Browser | Government Insider. Islam And The West -...
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