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61.  Islam and the West
After he had been elected, Abu Bakr addressed the community, laying down the principles that should henceforth apply to all Muslim rulers: "I have...
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62.  TALNET - The Teach and Learn Network
Highlights. Main Menu | Schedule | Highlights | Course Credit | Contact. The Africans. This multidisciplinary series examines the history and...
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63.  23 March, 1999
23 March, 1999. Fuller and Lesser Questions for Discussion. With collapse of communism, are Islam and the West on a collision course? Does political...
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Islamic Forum Conference Report. The Encounter of Islam and the West - Changing the Yardstick. Following the recitation of the Holy Qur'an, the...
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65.  A Friendlier Face for Islam (
Home | Register Web Search: News Home Page. Photo Galleries. Politics. Nation. World. Africa. Americas. Asia/Pacific. Europe. Former USSR. Middle...
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66.  No Title
Unit 12: Emergence of Islam, Expansion, and Confrontation with the West. Reading assignment: The Koran, selected passages. Lecture: Arabia before...
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67.  USIA: U.S. Policy on Iraq
Islam In America (1) Amb. Seiple/Rabbi Saperstein on Religious Freedom (March 30 meeting with NGOs and press in Geneva) Geneva, March 31, 2000 -- The...
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68.  The Grand Idea
The Grand Design. Some Sites on the Web to Aid in Brainstorming. Nationalism. Middle East international relations. What the West has concerning the...
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69.  Societal Threats!
Societal Threats! Iyad Hilal Khali'fornia May/June 1992. - Muslims in the West are living in societies that contradict Islam in all of its aspects,...
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70.  Islamic Review
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