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71.  Rod Home Page
DR RODNEY BLACKHIRST. School of Arts & Education. La Trobe University. Bendigo. Teaching Responsibilities. Principal lecturer in 'The Biblical World'...
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72.  117-057
117-057. 117-057 * Islam and the West, Hassan Gai Eaton. (Video) $17.95 Interview. [Order] [Checkout] ...
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73.  Religion in Lebanon - Tenets of Islam
Religion in Lebanon: Tenets of Islam....
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74.  Daily News - Features Section - introfea.html
Features. Tuesday 11, January 2000. Today's Top Stories. Modernism and the Muslim World. by Murtada As'adi (Translated from the Persian by Shahyar...
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75.  Spring 1998 Online Response
SPU Brings George Will to Seattle. Fragile Relations Between the West and Islam. Alum Helps the Poor in Latin America. [Table of Contents] Becoming...
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76.  No Title
BICARA PERDANA TAHUN 6 BIL 8 OGOS 1995 ============================== ================== by: HAFIDZI MOHD NOOR. Facing the West: Strategy For The...
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77.  Untitled Document
Issue 248-250. 27 Decenber 1997 - Ramadan 1417. 4 Fasting: An act for penitents. 7 Raiders of the oldest Quran. 10 Islam and the West: Yesterday and...
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78.  Baobab Narratives
The Advent of Islam in East Africa. Indian Diaspora and Far-Eastern trade routes in wide use between the eighth and fifteenth centuries. During the...
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79.  Untitled
By Benazir Bhutto at The Centre for World Dialogue CYPRUS. 30th October 97. It is a pleasure to meet you today on the island of Cyprus, which is a...
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80.  Peace in the Middle East In Our Time
Peace in the Middle East In Our Time? Reading - Discussion Question. Assigned Reading. ARTICLES FROM FOREIGN POLICY-available on Infotrac. Zachary...
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