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The kafirs are ridicilous
Posted by madegypto on Friday, March 23, 2007

wow. they seek to scare us away from using force in anyways. saying we are terrorists if we do so.

they try to kill us and attack our religion yet if we even move a finger we are fundamentalists.

but allah will never be outdone by these kafirs. look! as mullah muhammad omar stood defiantly to the fake-superpower of this time, america and said "the issue of osama is no longer the issue of osama, but the issue of the honor of the nation"

look how this man stood up to the kafirs, stood up against the fake-superpower infront of whom the world trembles and basically said F you. refusing to hand over a muslim to the kafirs so that they judge him based on kufr law (he offered to hand him over to a third islamic party to judge him islamically but america refused)

and if he were to die, surely our nation has continued to give birth to honorable men that will not let go of their religion and will not cower infront of these kafirs.

hey kafirs! you will all be defeated as the earlier kafirs were and then you will all be put forth into the hellfire.

so laugh a little now and cry alot in hellfire.

peace to the muslims
war to the enemies of islam and the polytheists and those who refuse to pay the jizyah

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