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knowing bout masjid Al-Aqsa
Posted by fatimaji on Thursday, April 19, 2007

salamoalaikum brothers n sisters,

I want to tell all the muslim ppl out here.....that masjid Al-Aqsa is not the dome of the rock....or masjid Al-Sakhrah....which has a golden dome....but the one on the other side...where our beloved prophet Mohammad [SAW]went on miraj....and said prayers with the rest of the previous prophets and its also mentioned in the quran 17:1 and Al- isra...teh farthest mosque is the mosque Al-Aqsa.....not the dome of the rock...

takecare...and keep passing the message on....Allah hafiz

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knowing bout masjid Al-Aqsa - fatimaji - Thursday, April 19, 2007

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