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pray for your children
Posted by ahmsaj on Friday, May 04, 2007

assalamu alaikum to all our brothers/sisters in islam
my name is sajid ahmed i am a nigerian whilst my father was a muslim in practice so too were all his relatives my mother on the other hand was a newly convert to islam after marriage to my father so after we were born due to the reason that our father was always on buisness trips our mum retrenched to her old religion teaching it to us and me in particular in our tender ages the time i would have deemed gud for learning the quran but no my faith was shaken,
to be continued

i and my brother have an examination tomorrow please implore with us Allah for prosperity and safe journey.

any one interested with my story pls mail sajids19@yahoo.com i am now 20 yrs and i have sure seen signs Islam is a deen from Allah purely salvation

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pray for your children - ahmsaj - Friday, May 04, 2007- ( 1 )

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