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Offer Digital Al Koran Player : www.exports.com.hk
Posted by space88 on Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear muslim brothers/sisters,


We are a trading company located in Hong Kong/CHina currently offering AL Koran player with Large LCD display in 3 languages translation French/English and urdu.

Details as follows:

BHNTQ216 Listen to the whole Holy Qur'an Recitation in high quality voice, while watching Qur'anic text scroll in Uthmani Font

1. Large LCD display in 4 languages : synchronized Quran recitation and text
2. Arabic Uthmani font + translation of French/Egnlish/Urdo
3. Fully Holly Quran ( 114 Surahs, 6, 236 verses ) Compact size and good quality design, easy and fast search for Surah and Verses
4. Built in Speaker
5. Book-marking for Surahs and Verses that will be saved even after shutdown
6. Built in DC adapter Jack

Color Available: Silver 1. Dimension: 108 * 68*16mm
2. Gift box size: 19.2 * 13.8 * 3.8 CM, G.W: 280g/box with full accessories
MOQ: 200 PCS 3. 2*AAA size Alkaline Battery
Package: 1 pc/gift box, 50 pcs/ctn, carton size: 75*49*26cm, G.W.: 16.5 kgs
Delivery time: Available in stock
Sample is avaiable

FOr pictures, please visit our website www.exports.com.hk

Please advice, if interest!


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Offer Digital Al Koran Player : www.exports.com.hk - space88 - Wednesday, May 30, 2007- ( 1 )
--- Re:Offer Digital Al Koran Player : www.exports.com.hk - camel_jockey - Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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