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i can help u if u lyk
Posted by syedameh on Sunday, June 03, 2007

it woznt satan hu u saw woz a jin bcoz they get attracted bi da rays of a mirror,
if you cuver the mirror at nyt tym wiv a cloth den no jin or bad spirits will enter your room/house/etc. and memba 2 reed the aytal kursi when your in bed then clap three tyms as loud as u can den nuttn will enta ur house.
and da reeson y u keep gettn up 2 stuff dat u dnt wna do is coz satan is convincing u and ur just gettn convincd nd strt doin the thngs wen eva u feel lyk deres a voice inside u sayn 'do it' say 'lahol wala kuwata illa billa hil alishuill azeem'

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