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US war base in Australia
Posted by Simurgh on Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just bringing everyone's attention to the strugle against the war in iraq being fought in the desert of australia. Pine Gap is a US militarty base situated 30km south of the town of Alice Springs. Amoungst other things there is very strong evidence that it is used for collecting information to designate targets for US missiles in Iraq. Many Australian citizens are apposed to the use of aggresion by US and our own military in Iraq though unfortunately most are too complacent or resigned to believe anything can be done about it. In December 2005 4 christian peace activists invaded the Top Secret to make a citizens inspection. The base was shut down for 4 hours at least. Currently the 4 are in an alice springs supreme court awaiting trial which could result in a maximum of 7 years jail.

The 4 acted through compassion for the many thousands killed in iraq through this war and showed immence bravery. One was also present in Baghdad at the begining of the war and has seen first hand the terror of war.
Anyone interested in knowing more can look up the Pine Gap 6 website. shouldn't be hard to find on google.
Prayers from people off all faiths for the trial and for peace in Iraq would be really appreciated.

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