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to improve with Allah swt / God
Posted by mumin5 on Thursday, June 07, 2007

besm Allah = in the name of 1TRUE GOD

THE RELATION with Allah swt / God Almighty is based on His demands not our wishes:

Allah says in the Last Testament,
Qur`an al Furqan,
the Book that distinguishes Truth from falsehood:

Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him (5:54)

In al-Qur'an, Allah distinguishes those HE does NOT love

"Allah does not love the aggressors" (2:190)

"Allah does not love corruption" (2:205)

"Allah does not love the ungrateful" (2:276)

"Allah does not love those who hide the Truth" (3:32)

"Allah does not love the oppressors" (3:140)

"Allah does not love the proud and boastful" (4:36)

"Allah does not love the traitors" (4:107)

"Allah does not love those who corrupt" (5:64)

"Allah does not love the transgressors"

"Allah does not love the treacherous" (8:58)

"Allah does not love those who exult" (28:76)

"Allah does not love the unbelievers"

and those whom He does love:

"Allah loves those who work goodness" (2:195)

"Allah loves those who turn in repentance" (2:222)

"Allah loves those who fear him" (3:76)

"Allah loves those who are patient" (3:146)

"Allah loves those who are just" (5:42)

"Allah loves those who purify themselves" (9:108)

"Allah loves the just" (49:9)

"Allah loves those who struggle in His Way" (61:4)

In all the above cases the word in Arabic that is used is derived from the root Ha Ba Ba which means: love, affection, effacement. It also means seed. Implicit within that meaning is the development of the seed into a mature plant. Those who have deeply concerned themselves with the clarification and definition of the degrees and levels of this 'love' through direct experience have enumerated certain distinct and precise phases in this progression from affection to that annhilation of which ash-Shibli, Allah sanctify his secret, said:

"Love is a fire,
which once kindled in the heart,
consumes everything
but the Beloved"

For as Allah says,

Everything upon it shall perish
and all that remains is the
Presence of your Lord,
Majestic and Benevolent.
Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny? (55:26-28)

We ask Allah that all those who are broken hearted, who suffer from thwarted dreams and wasted lives may find there way to the love of Allah which leads from hard times, anguish, depression and anxiety to comfort, joy, relaxation, peace, beauty and love secure in the promise of Allah that "I am with the one whose heart is broken for my sake." (hadith qudsi) and "His Word is Truth and His is the Kingdom" (6:73)
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salam = peace

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to improve with Allah swt / God - mumin5 - Thursday, June 07, 2007

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