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remainder 4 the muslim ummah
Posted by baseerah on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my brothers and sisters in islam,lets remain staedfast in our faith and improve our ibadah and good deeds 4 the sake of ALLAH.
let's fear Allah wherever we are and in whatever we may be doing.
let's be kind in both words and deeds to those around us(muslims and non-muslims),the poor,needy,and remember fellow muslims in prayer.
let us strive to seek knowledge cos knowledge is dynamic.
there is a remainder in every human being if only we pause to reflect;for instance,the heart.it is like a stopwatch ticking away as we move nearer and nearer to our graves!at the appointed time the heart stops,then the dead one is nought but a memory!
and at the appointed time all souls will meet with their creator.
oh,muslim ummah,this world is but a mere passtime!let us not indulge in the activities of this world to the extent of forgeting our lord
let not misguided thinking of others deter our faith.
let us remain united,for there is strength in unity.
let us strive in Allahs cause with our tongues,wealth and lives if the need arises.
the end time is fast approaching,heed now,cos tommorrow may be too late!
we seek refuge in Allah 4rm kuffur,from the torment of the grave,from the torment of the false messiah,and from the torment of the hellfire

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remainder 4 the muslim ummah - baseerah - Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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