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Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web?
Posted by camel_jockey on Saturday, June 30, 2007

Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web?

LONDON, Jun 30

Hours before London explosives technicians dismantled a large car bomb in the heart of the British capital''s tourist-rich theater district, a message appeared on one of the most widely used jihadist Internet forums, saying: "Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed," CBS News reported online.

CBS News found the posting, which went on for nearly 300 words, on the "al Hesbah" chat room. It was left by a person who goes by the name abu Osama al-Hazeen, who appears regularly on the forum. The comment was posted on the forum, according to time stamp, at 08:09 a.m. British time on June 28 -- about 17 hours before the bomb was found early on June 29.

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Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web? - camel_jockey - Saturday, June 30, 2007- ( 1 )
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