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calm... happy...good well 4 all
Posted by mumin5 on Sunday, July 01, 2007

besm Allah = in the name of 1 TRUE GOD

most non -Muslims [wither they knows it or not] are actually arguing against Faith itself!
secularism [whoever the devil who thought of it] meant to delute faith from 3 religions to billions of sects and THE NEVER EXISTED INDIVIDUALS FREEDOM!!!
we all agree we have a Creator who also created everything else.so, we are not free in absolute term. our life journey on earth is short one, so, we also can not forget about the ETERNAL = UNLIMITED LIFE in the Life After.
DEVOTION, SINCERITY are the main ingredients for having Faith.
may Allah swt / God / the Creator grant every sincere clearer vision.
salam = peace

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calm... happy...good well 4 all - mumin5 - Sunday, July 01, 2007- ( 2 )
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