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Preachers of prey
Posted by Blackcatrain on Thursday, July 05, 2007

By: Tashbih Sayyed
Muslims have always known that extremism breeds hatred and hatred begets terror. That's why Qura'n has categorically rejected extremism in all its manifestations. For moderation is the soul of Islam's message. But Wahhabism has mutilated the message of peace into a harbinger of terror. And today Islam has become synonymous with hatred, intolerance and exclusivism.
Islamist terror has five basic components:
1) Wahhabism/Islamism
2) Mosques and Islamic centers funded by Saudi Arabia
3) Illiteracy
4) Governments harboring and supporting extremism and,
5) Dictatorships
* Wahhabism/Islamism seeks to establish a theocracy by destroying all other religions and democratic values. Wahhabism is an ideology that is more dangerous than Fascism, more totalitarian than Communism and more hate filled than Nazism. If it succeeds in establishing its Theocracy, the world will forget Holocaust.
* Saudi Arabian funded mosques and Islamic centers are established to indoctrinate unsuspecting and simple Muslims against others. They train, recruit and deploy Islamist terrorists to go forth and attack symbols of civilizations. The growing hatred in the Muslim world against democratic values and freedoms is the direct result of Islamist's efforts to create a fascist mind. Wahhabi/ Islamist mosques and Islamic centers have been successful in creating a very lethal hate filled mind set in the Muslim world that abhors pluralism, liberal and moderate thinking and dissension.
* Wahhabism targets uneducated, poor and desperate minds. In order to deprive Wahhabism of this raw material for manufacturing homicide bombers, we will have to spread education. We will have to establish institutions that will work to eradicate poverty and remove reasons that create desperation, hopelessness and a sense of helplessness.
* To sustain their inhuman rule, Governments like that of Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and Khomeini, discourage modern education. Their policies keep the masses poor. Their obscurantism assists in setting-in a mist of intellectual, social and cultural suffocation that renders the thinking masses a desperate lot. Such regimes use a form of sham democracy to hoodwink the civilized world into believing that their societies are democratic.
* As long as there are dictatorships in any shape and form, there will always be terrorism. Democracies do not nourish extremism. They empower tolerance and institute compromise as a basis of a stable society.
If war against terrorism has to be won then all the above five components parts of terrorism have to be attacked simultaneously. Attacking one and leaving others intact or half dead will continue to foster a terrorist mind. This war cannot be won in the conventional theaters of war only - by bombs, missiles, battle ships and military troops on the ground. The military solution is only a partial solution. The real and permanent solution to this evil will be found only when, along with a military assault on the physical military targets, a determined and concerted campaign is unleashed by the Muslims themselves from within the Ummah (Muslim nation).

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