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to govern.....1
Posted by mumin5 on Saturday, July 07, 2007


besm Allah = in the name of God

al-Rahman = the Merciful,
al-Raheem = the Compassionate
Allah swt / God Almighty said in 2:30:
I am going to place ON EARTH a Khalifa
This word has many meanings in Arabic, like = Vice-roy, representative, successor [that is a special meaning as well= is it a successor to spirits or previous humans?]
As we see, man was created in Heaven, brought down to earth and has been asked to EARN the way back!
To make things simple, let me say:
Khalifa means = in charge of earth and other creators.
Humans, by means of theocratic system, were asked to do so.
In best case scenario, we can succeed and maintain ecologic balance, obiously we are NOT!!!
So, the end is abroaching fast. But we must MAINATIN [even individually] the orgional promise = to act as khalifa[s] then, only then, we are not part of the destroying team, but rather part of the succeded ones whom earned Heaven based on good intention combinded with good deeds. This combination is a must.
As we read In the H. Torah, Jouseph / Yousef ppuh did govern in the name of God / Allah swt:
Genesis 45:26
And told him, saying, Joseph is yet alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt. And Jacob's heart fainted, for he believed them not.
Life on earth is by no means is equal to Heaven!2:155 & 67:1+2 &18:7 stated that earth is the TESTLAND.
Democracy = to govern the peoples by the peoples FOR the peoples, so, it is false aim as we shall see. All 3 religions spoke of the same CREATOR. He is the the Owner as well, let us not forget that.
Pharaoh said [as in 79:24] I am you lord, the most high! Then we see in 25:
So Allah took him [drained him] as an example to those who pasted and those whom are coming.

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