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Women in Islam

Posted by hajooora on Thursday, August 02, 2007

salam alaykom
u really surprised me with wath u said
with 1 thing i agree..love it s all about.my hart is full of love a peace a that is why i didnt act bad with u.i dont think that it is good to answer to any1,no mather the circumstances,in a bad way
the parents have a role in their kids life even if they r adults.first of all a person,no mather his/her age must ask his/her parents everything.why?cose they have more experience about life they can protect u from making a mistake.the parents in case if a guy comes to them to ask them permision to know their daughter,must know all about that guy,who he is,who is his family a all this things.it s their duty.a alsoe a daughter s duty is to respect d parents.that doesn t mean that if the parents don t agree with that guy a the girl really likes him,tthe things will just be like that.the girl can talk with her parents a they will know each other.
everything is about love a respect.u said that in the cristian world there s no adultery.come on...let s be seriouse.rarelly u meat some cristian who didn t cheat his wife.the sin is always a posibility.cose just look around u.they dont fear anything..neither of Allah(God).so when they have the posibility they do it.
that is the diference between a cristian a a muslim man...ilegal sex.it sounds bad...yes?it is.cose a cristian man is cheating,hiding,laing,making his wife a his familly suffer.but according to the islamic rules,this it s imposible,cose a man if he wants another woman he has to marry her a that is not so easy.he must afford financially to do it,he must ask 4 his wife aprovement a if she doesnt accept it...well,that is it.if he really wants the second woman,the 1st one can divorce or if not she can accept a stay.it s her choice.look at the rate of HIV,in the muslim countrys a the cristian countryes.ilegal sex is not followed only by a big sin,but alsoe by desies.
i know that not every1,not all the mislims respect all the islamic rules but they should.i dont have the right to talk bad about anybody,but Allah sees all a they have to pay 4 all their sins eventually.
i dont want to offend u but i cant accept ur invitation.we can debate on this site a that it is.tnx anyway,but we live in 2 diferent worlds,fizicly a menthaly,from all points of vue we r very diferent.i m really strong in my belives a when i ll date i ll do it just with a muslim man,according to the rules a blessed by Allah.a non muslim man could never understand my need of praing 5 times by day,tanking Allah 4 every breath that i take a 4 allowing me to live.u pray once in a week ,me 5 times by day.
tnx anyway 4 ur invitation.
wa alecum salam
Arabi Maak

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crusader................................................. - hajooora - Thursday, August 02, 2007

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