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for crusader....
Posted by hajooora on Thursday, August 02, 2007

salam alaykom
even if u r concerned about taking the space on this page...relax there s enough space.
why m i posting like this?cose i m beeing opened a cose i m not hiding or doing anything bad a if some 1 wants to check our conversation or if they want to say something they r welcomed.
no,i m not an english speeker,sorry cose somethimes i m making some mistakes.i m european,i m romanian.and about my parents,no,i don t live with them,i don t live in the same city with them actually.i live at 150 km away,in an universitary city.
back to our sheeps...i m happy 4 u cose all the people witch u know r so good,but belive me,i ve been all around the world a this is wath creastians actually do.there r exceptions of corse but the big part of them they do it.
your love for God must be prouven,not only kept in ur hart how u say it.u know,u said that our belives r wrong.but look at yours!u dont see the things even if they jump in ur eyes.
i was talking to u to show u that not all the muslims,how u think,do bad stuff.the real islam is not that.but u start telling me about dating a getting to know each other.
the diference between u a my other cristian,ortodox,friends is that they know the limit a they never critcise me or my religion cose they know that i would never do that to them cose is disrespectuas,even if u dont agree with me.it starts beeing upseting 4 me 2 read all the time the same things.u said that u feel love 4 every1.ur words do not show that.they show exactelly the opposite.
u wanted to date me from curiosity a pride.i m sorry but i will never,NEVER,disobay Allah just to satisfy ur curiosity even if i would be in US.
dating u it would be haram,a i would never do something haram just to have fun.
this is my last post for u cose it s already embarasing to explain to u the same things over a over again.if u really dont understand islam,read more,a read alsoe the bible.
i dont know wath kind of crestian u r,ortodox or catholic,but really u should think good when u read.a u ll see the flauts witch r in the bible,ur bible,cose if u take 1 from 100 years ago,u ll see that it s totally diferent from the version witch u have now.this is only 1 of things.
wa alecum salam
Arabi Maak

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for crusader.... - hajooora - Thursday, August 02, 2007- ( 1 )

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