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An invitation to everyone, but especially for my Christian brethren
Posted by 1TrueDisciple on Sunday, August 05, 2007

I would like to invite you to consider taking a look at the discussion forums on the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry website:

christiandiscussionforums DOT org SLASH v SLASH index DOT php

These informative discussion forums include 91 different boards for talking about just about any subject imaginable. Some of the subjects include atheism, all major world religions (including Islam), cults, new age pagan religions, Christian denominations, theology, the Bible, science, politics, education, marriage and parenting, social ethics, Christian living, personal ministry, spiritual warfare, books, movies, music, cooking, computers, sports, pets, humor, and even has separate boards for hosting prearranged private debates.

Although posters for the most part a very courteous, all boards are actively monitored at all times by moderators who control unseemly behavior by posters, so the boards are a place where it is a pleasure to participate.



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An invitation to everyone, but especially for my Christian brethren - 1TrueDisciple - Sunday, August 05, 2007

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