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re:I ASK you WHY?????????
Posted by khatija11 on Wednesday, August 08, 2007

EVEryone has problems..... I do.....u do.....over the years I have been visiting this site and esp the WOMEN ONLY SECTION....for once I still cannot understand why there are somehow haters coming to the site arguing about HOW ANTIMUSLIM they are and cussing all the muslims out....then theres ppl like me n u....I Ask u ONE QUESTION whyyyyyyyyy cant you get along??????? why do you guys sometimes ask such pathetic questions and why are some sisters n brothers acting so immature and answer rudely or in a silly manner.....DONT do it.....ppl are here with their problems, ideas discussions some just to make friends.... I mean not everyone buttttt some ppl are here to have fun.....thats fine HAVE FUN but donttttt ruin the forum esp the WOMENS ONLY SECTION WHICH HAS THE MOST NUMBERS OF POSTSSSS.....thanks
SALAMS SISTERS N BROTHERS around the globeeeeee

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