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I ASK YOU WHY???????
Posted by khatija11 on Wednesday, August 08, 2007

EVEryone has problems..... I do.....u do.....over the years I have been visiting this site and esp the WOMEN ONLY SECTION....for once I still cannot understand why there are somehow haters coming to the site arguing about HOW ANTIMUSLIM they are and cussing all the muslims out....then theres ppl like me n u....I Ask u ONE QUESTION whyyyyyyyyy cant you get along??????? why do you guys sometimes ask such pathetic questions and why are some sisters n brothers acting so immature and answer rudely or in a silly manner.....DONT do it.....ppl are here with their problems, ideas discussions some just to make friends.... I mean not everyone buttttt some ppl are here to have fun.....thats fine HAVE FUN but donttttt ruin the forum POSTSSSS.....thanks
SALAMS SISTERS N BROTHERS around the globeeeeee

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I ASK YOU WHY??????? - khatija11 - Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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